søndag den 17. juni 2018

Alli, Melanie and Kathy about SUWS (The School of Urban and Wilderness Survival)

This testimony was found on Yelp. All rights go to the author Alli

I was sent here 8 years ago for what my parents were told would only be 28 days - this was the first scam, I was not told when I would go home and my parents had no idea when i would come home either, it ended up being a total of 66 days (3 months) before I was released and everyone has varying lengths of stay, 3 moths is about average.

The second biggest scam was after SUWS my parents and almost 90% of the other students "graduating" from the program were convinced we needed further help and needed to go to a therapeutic boarding school (TBS) somewhere else for long-term help. Most of the students stay in these TBS until they are 18, these programs will mess up your kid more than help them, I became agoraphobic after leaving my program because the owners threatened my parents and told them I would have to be put through more ongoing brutal psychological punishment for trying to leave their program early.

If you are thinking of sending your kid away please dont listen to the academic advisors they are being paid by these programs, i am open and honest to talk to you please email me at alliloweart@gmail.com