søndag den 13. september 2015

Simple curable illnesses can be fatal in the wilderness

In November year 2000 a boy felt ill during a hike with Redcliff Ascent. His complains were ignored and no doctor was called into the field because the employees believed that some teenagers might invent such pain to get some days off from their wilderness program.

For days he was forced to hike and participate in various activities while his pain worsened. At a point he even collapsed.

He became dehydrated and finally he was sent to an emergency room where the medical staff concluded that treatment was needed. He ended up in Las Vegas being treated for a ruptured appendix which is a condition which was described as life threatening.

The case was settled out of court and the boy was lucky that he didn’t become among those around 130 known deaths which had been close tied with the treatment industry for teenagers.

Fact is that it is practical not possible to find positive lasting outcome of wilderness program participation compared with a similar group of teenagers where nothing was done. And still families are advised by educational consultants paid by the wilderness programs to choose to put their child in a dangerous situation far away from medical treatment where even ordinary illnesses which can be cured in any hospital can be the factor which claims the life of their child.

It is time that parents become aware of this danger. Please inform families you know are struggling with their child what the cost could be if they choose in-patient treatment in a wilderness program.

Ex-Counselor Speaks Out- Red Cliff Ascent (Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora)