søndag den 27. december 2015

Max at Second Nature Wilderness

A few of my friends have. I have been through Second Nature and ASR Base Camp (shut down now I believe) and from what I've heard RedCliff might be somewhere in between those two. This is an extremely emotionally charged topic for me. I am currently researching and investigating these kind of places as well as RTCs and "therapeutic" boarding schools for an on-road expose tour this summer, invovling demonstrations in the towns hosting the programs. If you've ever read 1984 you have a toned down version of it already.

Where I was, Through humiliation(One girl had to crawl every where she went and cry out loud-a councelor continued to throw a water bottle into the woods and make her crawl and cry to retrieve it while saying things like "If your gonna cry and compain like f***in baby I'm gonna treat you like a baby. this is how you f*** up everyones lives around you Im here to unf*** your life do you f***in understand me?" another kid had to sit in a circle of peers and have human feces be wiped on his face) , forced labor ("You don't have to do this but if you don't your going to RTC lockdown) disorientation, and poor physical conditions(inadequate shelter, frostbite, malnutrition, jardia[did I spell that right?] Reality is completely controled by staff. If they tell you 2and2 is 4 you better not just say it is but you need to believe it, they'll know. When inspectors came they whould tell us we would never get out basically if we told them anything and everything would be changed. At the top of this pyramid of evil the directors sit on they're plush thrones rolling in hundreds of thousands (programs often can cost up to ten thousand a MONTH.

I cam out of those and the 14month program competely delusional, affraid of everying and very heart. It took a lot of wonderful people and majical experiences to come out of that, experiences of freedom and love, not hate and oppresion. Now my life is PERFECT and incredulous as that may sound. I work in carpentry and microbiology and live on an intentional community in GA. Above all what helped me is my deep love for nature backpacking and all and the strength I draw from that, and many mystical experience. I found God Or the Universal cosmic mind and he she is with us. Plus my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend who I was seperated from through the experience and now live with. This all happened about 5 years ago. The "therapeutic program" community has hid behind deciet and legal loopholes for many years but they can't hide from God and we will bring them down with love! We the human race are one divine family and we need to come togather to overwhelm this evil. with love sincere -Max

PS post any questions about my history or intent or whatever if you wish.

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