søndag den 18. februar 2018

Danielle at SUWS (The School of Urban and Wilderness Survival)

This testimony was found on Yelp. All rights belong to the original author

Do NOT send your children here. Every single positive review that you read (as you may notice) is NOT from somebody who attended here.

I was sent here when I was 15 years old. I was not a "bad kid", didn't do drugs or party; was simply going through a rebellious teenage phase where I back talked my parents a lot and they were concerned for my future. This place is legal torture. You are not allowed to talk to your peers. At several points, counselors would place bags over our heads to punish us for talking to other girls in our group.

In the 59+ days I spent living in the woods, we were provided 2 baths. 2. For some who are not comprehending this, that is one shower per month. Living in the woods. We were subjected to below freezing temperatures with NO winter clothing. We were forced to lug around bloody pads for a week at a time if you were female. A majority of the group I was in left with multiple physical issues (worms, staph infections, infected wounds, gangrene). Not only this, but all of our parents were lied to about the therapy we were receiving.

I am still in contact with several of the girls in my group, and every single one of us has developed a severe anxiety/PTSD type issue that has affected our lives. I came out way worse from this program than I ever was before. This is not a "camping trip" that the website and camp reps portray. Please understand that parents. Do ANYTHING besides send your child here. Myself and several other are actually filing a class action lawsuit against this place. There are so many other ways to help your child. Please, don't believe that this is one of them.....