lørdag den 9. maj 2015

Parents about Passages To Recovery

We sent my son here a few years ago for alcohol abuse treatment.

They called one week later said it would take longer than their estimate of 6 weeks and would need be needing more money. He stayed for about 3 weeks total w/o ever going out for even 1 over night camp out. I didn't find out until he got home that he had altitude sickness the whole time. Loa Utah is 7000 feet above sea level. The city we live in has an altitude of 300 ft. Even though he told them what was wrong, they never gave him any medicine to help.

After 3 weeks of no progress, I talked with them and told them I was arranging for him to fly home, they suggested that they just drive him to Salt Lake City and let him fend for himself w/o any money. This is 1400 mi from home. I asked if they thought they should at least give him a supply of his anti-depressant meds before they made him homeless since he had been talking of suicide and there was a long ...

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