søndag den 19. juni 2016

Maggie at Redcliff Ascent wilderness program

This testimony was found on Fornits. All rights goes to the original author Maggie

Hi- My names Maggie and i went to RedCliff Ascent about 4 and a half years ago... and i wanted to say first of all no kid will be at RedCliff ascent less than like 60 days- yes it can be graduated in like 30 days but NOBODY does that- infact when i was there i was in a group with a girl who ended up being there 217 days!!!!

Also, i'd like to say that before i went to RedCliff i had only smoked weed for about the 3 months before i was sent away- and i made straight A's... nobody thought i should have been at this program- i was the 'goody goody'... which was true- but after RedCliff i went to boarding school in Utah for about 6 months after my RedCliff experience- and my comment to all this is after i came back from my programs i skipped school all the time and ended up dropping out... and because i learned so much about drugs in the programs from the other kids i came back and i just quit smoking crack and doing cocaine about 2 months ago... i could almost say i dont think i would have EVER done those drugs if i hadnt been taught about them from kids at RedCliff and my boarding school Academy at Cedar Mountain... by the way my drug habbits and skipping school started less than a couple months after i was back and i'm just now becoming sober

oh and when i was at RedCliff- from what i recall if u tried to run from the program of course u were going to get your pants and shoes taken away... i saw a report where the RedCliff staff acted like that was a bad decision made on the councelers at the time... i dont think so- that's what they were supposed to do

i hated every second of the program and afterward not only did i feel like i didnt learn anything at all but i felt betrayed by my parents more than anything and to this day i dont think i will forgive them to sending my this program especially because i WAS a goody goody straight A student before i went who liked to smoke weed on the weekends- and i turned out as a high school dropout who smokes crack...

so if u think sending ur kid to this program will solve all ur problems- think again!