søndag den 16. september 2018

Jay at SUWS

This testimony was found on Yelp. All rights goes to the author Jay

Please never ever send your child to this wretched place. As young man I was a little rebellious got caught drinking and smoking weed around 15 and 16 nothing most kids that age ain't doing. Violated my juvenile probation over getting caught with ciggerttes and being out past curfew (which was 6pm) after violating 3 times they sent me off to a rehab program.

Two weeks in I got I a fight with a kid who was bullying me and ended up hurting pretty bad but nothing serious no trip to the hospital or anything. Because of that the folks in charge at the rehab along with my probation officer agreed to send me to SUWS. I was there 3 days before I escaped and then began my time lost in the desert with no food or water drinking my own urine to survive.

Sure it was my choice to run away but you don't know the conditions put on CHILDREN at these hell camps. They make it look like a great life skills building camp where they fix whatever is wrong with your troubles kid. I am 24 years old now and have to say this place did absolutely nothing to improve my life I fact I think I have more trauma from this place than anything.they don't wash your shirt or pants the whole time your there. Only wash your socks and underwear once a week! Only gave me a real shower once my whole 6 weeks there. They did being a field shower once which is just a container full of water you spray yourself down with. Slept in the dirt everyday no pillow just sleeping bag.

Not one phone call to your family not even after I had been lost for 3 days out there near death.It's also a scam where they tell you you'll get out in 4 weeks but then always convince parents they need to stay longer. Never met one kid who left in 4 weeks. So much more horrible things the food, harassing abusive counselors. Place is pure hell. If you love your child never send them here.