søndag den 16. februar 2020

SUWS testimony regarding conditions in the 1990's

This testimony was found on Yelp. It refers to how the wilderness program was managed in the 1990's. It is uncertain whether the policies have changed since. All rights goes to the author.

Fuck this place.

I did two stints here in the 90s. They force you there against your will, cavity search you for "contraband," and make you hike around ten miles a day with 40-pound packs, rain or shine, summer or winter. They, the police, and the parents of these poor children support corrupt laws which transfer custody of teenagers to a "program" that promises to "reform" them into productive members of society. Nevermind that you're only hardening them further against authority and institution, nevermind that many of these kids turn to drugs and alcohol AFTER they return from such a traumatic experience, the main problem is that we're not recognizing liberty to move about freely as an inherent human right, regardless of age.

But hey, whatever, we'd rather bend over and take it from our government, or rather bend over our kids and give it to them in turns along with the government, than give humans a little freedom to move around according to their own free will and choice.

The original statement on Yelp entered on 2/27/2019