søndag den 12. april 2015

April month focus: Escaping a wilderness program

Here are some advises based on an article in the magazine Cracked for teenagers who face a difficult time at home which could land them in a wilderness program:

Rule 1: Plan ahead

If you are at danger of being banished to a wilderness program, read this months version of Cracked. You need to do the first part of the job yourself. You have to make it to a populated area. Then you have to relate on friends to send you money so you can go home.

Rule 2: Keep cool

When you arrive home, keep cool. Remain calm in all situations. Avoid discussions which can make the authorities spot you. Millions of immigrants live in your country avoiding the authorities every day. They do this by remaining calm. If the boss at your work is unfair bend your head down and continue to work. If someone tries to provoke you, walk away.

Rule 3: Be safe in your bed

The people who sells the wilderness programs know that a shock will break you down faster. That is why they recommend a transport firm to collect you in your bed. So in order to avoid being trown in handcuffs and shackles with a bag over your head you need to think if your bedroom is safe enough for you. You could hide a weapon in your room but if has to be under your pillow because the transporters will problerly force you to remain in your bed while you dress the clothes your parents and the transport firm has selected for you so you cannot go to a drawer and get a knife. Please notice that a violent defense could sent you to a juvenile detention but a juvenile detention will not starve you and put you close to death. Secondly it will secure you access to the social services and a lawyer.

Another method could be to smuggle a piece of wood in which you could use to block the door allowing you time to get out of the window and phone friends asking them to call the social services and the police telling them that there are armed men trying to force their way into your house, secondly that you are afraid of being victim of sexual assault. Being placed in foster care or in a group home to protect you from invented accusations is better than a wilderness program and a later boarding school.

Rule 4: Rebel planned!

If you are so unlucky that you land in a wilderness program, then watch and observe before you make your escape. Learn just enough to survive. Do not escape within the first week because then the escape attempt could be shortlived. You need to recognise landmarks. You need to know how to find water. You need to know if there are something you can live off in the wilderness if the escape has to last several days before you come to a populated area, but it is important that you try to escape once you are in the wilderness program if you want to avoid losing your entire childhood to a boarding school where you will learn nothing but being a robot graduating with a piece of paper no college or university will give you credits for.