lørdag den 9. februar 2013

Escape attempt from Second Nature Wilderness program

hahaha it's really embarassing (but mostly hilarious) to me now that I really did try to run away...from the middle of fucking nowhere, desert, UT.

I don't even have a really entertaining story, except for how crazy the girl I ran away with was.

Basically: We were crushing and sifting (everyone's favorite) one day, and because you had to go out a little ways to sift it, it was one of the only chances we got (at 2N duchesne, anyway) to talk out of staff earshot. So this other girl in my group who I was decent friends with, got there the same day as, essentially comes up to me and asks if i want to run away with her because she was going anyway.
Random, sure, but it's wilderness.

I'd only been there about 3 weeks at that point and still really hated it. and because I'm the master of good decisions (I mean, aren't most people that get sent to wilderness?), I said sure, why not, let's go.

So we quickly plotted that right before we were supposed to start hiking that day, one of us would "need" to go dig a cathole, and one of us was going to go pee. The other girl (I believe her name was Lauren) met up with me while I was pretending to dig my cathole with my handy little billy, and we took off running, probably no more than two hours after we first decided to run.

Obviously, this was a really smart idea, running off in the middle of the utah desert with no food and one nalgene of water. but again, I wasn't exactly at wilderness because of my responsible decision making skills.

After we had been gone two or three hours, we spotted one of those oil rigger trucks (people who went to duchesne probably know what I'm talking about).
So because this girl was PRETTY damn crazy, she decides that we're going to either knock this guy out with a big rock and steal his car...
or, if we couldn't find a rock big enough, she wanted to use my extra cordage i had in my pocket to fucking STRANGLE the guy.

Of course, at that point, I was not so enthusiastic about the whole deal anymore. I knew we were gonna get caught in the first place, and I really had just wanted some excitement.

Obviously i was NOT about to try to kill someone/get thrown in jail for stealing a car. after i told her i was not going along with her really bad and certifiably insane idea, she decided she'd just try to get him to give us a ride to SLC for sex.

No, i'm not kidding. of course i said that was also a really bad idea, but she went up to him (out of our hiding place in the bushes, literally) before I could talk her out of it.

I don't think she was as crazy as she wanted to seem, tho, because she made it incredibly obvious that we were from 2N from her story. so he goes into his truck and gets out his radio, and she tries to get me to run again. by that time i was bored, tired, and a little freaked out by this girl, so i refuse to run and just sit down.

lo and behold, 10, 15 minutes later--3 different trucks speed up. for those of you who knew KELLY (he gave us supplies for trailwork and also just randomly showed up on occasion...one badass man), he got out of his truck and promptly asked us (more like yelled loudly) what the fuck we were thinking. Followed by a fun string of more profanities and the like.

Well, that was in 2004 (september), and i still wouldn't have a good answer for the man. But it is kinda funny. sometimes I wonder what happened to that other girl. She was pretty fucking crazy, even though I'm convinced some of it was just an act. Of course, she got pulled from second nature her 5th or 6th week by her parents. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THE TREATMENT WORLD, I TELL YA.

but yeah...that's my "O'm retarded and ran away from wilderness" story.

(btw, I was in group 8 at second nature duchesne with ian, from september 1, 2004 through the end of october. If anyone was with me, let me know! I miss those girls!)