søndag den 18. august 2013

Can you ever go back?

A survivor from an unknown wilderness program asks on Reddit how she can return to normal life after having been banished to a wilderness program and another program.

And it is difficult. Only teenagers who have been banished and discarded from their family can understand the empty black hole they have in their hearts. They are also the only persons who can understand the ordeals and misery they had endured during the hikes; the starvation and the thirst when the guide’s loss track of their location as it happened in the wilderness.

Maybe it is why the teenagers find themselves abandoned by their friends who have kept their standards. It is impossible to explain the feelings and it might scare them off when the survivor speaks of things which should have been forbidden to expose minors to considering that we live in year 2013.

Their friends are simply not educated to deal with the issues any residential placement inflicts on the survivors. In many cases it takes professionals years - even decades to deal with the posttraumatic stress wilderness program often inflicts on the survivors.

Can you give meaningful advice to such a survivor?

It is difficult to answer.

Has anyone else experienced social anxiety after returning to normal life? (Reddit)