Covid-19 information regarding wilderness programs

Isolation - the only valid protection against infection from Covid-19

OK - you send your child to a wilderness program operating out in nowhere. Is your child safe?


Because your child is not isolated!

In Denmark as a nation we have been able to battle Covid-19 sucessfully with less than 300 deaths nationwide early May. However to win this battle you have to become a Dane mentally. If I look where I live, I do not know the full names of any of my neighbors and some of them have been living next to my family for +10 years or more. Sometimes I learn with surprise that new people have moved in. Why do I not know them? I do not drink with them. I drink with my co-workers and my family - especially my children since they turned 14. That is the way we bond. I do not need to bond with my neighbors. Living such a simple life makes it easy to maintain the secure distance so you can save yourself and your family from death.

If you enroll your child in a wilderness program first the transport firm arriving at home to pick your child up has to wash hands and wear masks before they enter the bedroom of your child in the middle of the night. It does not happen. Next the local doctor who conducted the health check near the wilderness program often conducts it at the office of the wilderness program instead of at the hospital where the environment are clean and designed to prevent infection.

Third the child is driven blindfolded to the wilderness by employees who has not been isolated before they were given the task.

So even before your child enters the program, there are tons of options of being infected.

Are you really isolated in a wilderness program?


Think about the employees. They take shifts. When they are not with the children, they are home with their family, going shopping, buying stuff for their daily lives, interacting with tons of people. The Covid-19 virus infects you and you can infect people for 14 days before you notice that you are sick. So it is very likely that an employee can take the virus out in the wilderness to the children and then what? A lot of the deaths which have occurred in wilderness program happened because the children were too far away from a hospital, so when the employee finally became aware that medical assistance was needed, it was too late.

Think about the supplies. How are those handled and how often can the children in the wilderness program wash their hands so they can disinfect possible virus of the surface of the supplies? Virus can survive on the surface of supplies for days given the right conditions and then nothing can prevent the children from being infected.

Should wilderness programs suspend their operations until a vaccine has been invented?

Yes. In Denmark we have closed down boarding schools because they had the same setup. The students are sorry but it is for their best. It is impossible to isolate the children from possible infection and once it happens it is a small but concentrated group we are talking about. Everybody would get ill very fast and then some will die. So they should shut down their programs until a vaccine has been invented.

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