søndag den 16. december 2018

A mothers testimony about SUWS

This testimony by a mother was found on Yelp. All rights go to the original author Maria

Outrageous...I wouldn't send my worse enemy there. They said they worked with kids with anxiety disorders. Absolutely, not so much!!! My daughter was me never in trouble not even once. I'm not saying this because my daughter walks on water, she was a typical kid.

She said she didn't sleep till the last night when they had to stay by themselves. Sleep deprivation, one of her anxiety issues. She had to use raw safe found in the hills for toilet paper. She said there was a boy there who had bipolar disorder and they had no idea how to work with him. She said he struggled greatly and it wasn't behavioral. I can't believe how much money we spent for nothing. She came home just as anxious as she was when she left. She has gone to school, now works and works through her anxieties the best she can. I almost forgot. She said one of the girls caught her hair on fire. The therapists said the kids had to help and didn't offer their own. This is only one of the horror stories.

My daughter has not complained once and said she was/is not angry. She's said many times we had to do what we had to do. She's a hell of a lot more forgiving than I. I'm disgusted with their false advertising. I hope whomever is looking for help takes heed and does an in depth search.