søndag den 20. april 2014

Joanne S. at Second Nature Wilderness program

This testimony was found on webpage where both parents and teenagers could provide their experience of their use of the services the program offers. All rights goes to the original author known as Joanne S.

2 N C or 2nd nature cascades is a fraudulent organization based on exploiting parents fears for their children and teenagers. They charge a lot of money and hire staff with minimal amounts of training and motivation.

They supply the cheapest food possible. Teens are forced to eat oats and pita bread every day. Teens who attend this death-march based money scam, often leave with more issues than when they got there, which is the reason 2nd nature cascades ALWAYS suggests after care such as residential treatment centers. Not only does second nature pretend that they help people they have the gaul to call it a therapeutic wilderness program.

That would make sense if they had real therapists in the field, not therapists in training with sleeves of tattoos. The staff not only is undertrained they do not deserve to do what they do. Often teens will be made fun of and have their buttons pushed by the staff. The staff needs to have a better screening process and also first aid knowledge.

Sanitary conditions are abominable. Samples of MRSA and staff bacteria were found in the campsites. Not only do they keep teens malnourished so they don't have the supplies or energy to run away from the hellish camp site, they make teens march up to 11 miles at a time in the heat with heavy packs on their back and very limited sometimes no water.


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