søndag den 14. juli 2013

Blog: Challenger: Summer 1989

Before Challenger there were outbound programs where the goal was to give children from the cities a positive wilderness experience.

Challenger invented wilderness boot camps. Today no wilderness program will state that they are operated like a boot camp. They will use a lot of space trying to tell people that the main focus is therapy.

But the fact is that wilderness programs today function very similar to Challenger.

Another side effect is the children who die in programs. Challenger started this trend and wilderness programs continue to claim the lives of teenagers to this very day. Wilderness programs are not safe regardless of what programs like "Brat Camp" makes it look.

Wilderness programs are deadly!

The author behind the blog survived and she is using her diary to give the readers a rare insight in how it was to be an innocent teenager who was dragged out in the desert by strangers from their own bed without any warning in the middle of the night.


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